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Fear is a nasty emotion, but what’s even scarier than fear itself is the sheer amount of us who allow it to change the course of our lives.

We let it hold us back. We let it dictate our worth, who we are and how we move forward.

Even when we know this to be true (just check out a political campaign), we still function here, don’t we?

Because it’s scary to go after that career you’ve secretly wanted since you were sixteen.

And it takes bravery to admit the life you’re currently living isn’t one filling you with joy on a cellular level.

So let me ask you this:

How many dreams or goals have you consciously left unfulfilled because you were afraid of failing?

You’re not alone.

Every day people refuse to take inspired action because the challenges they might face provoke paralysis.

They don’t have to.

I believe anxiety, depression and just plain feeling stuck are side effects of a low self-esteem or adhering to societal expectation.

I believe soaring above all of the physical manifestations of fear is possible…

…but you have to be willing to face what life throws at you.

You don’t have to go this route alone and, in fact, partnering with people who understand this journey can move you along.

That’s why I’m here.

Hi, I'm Jenn

I am a compassionate, contemplative change maker who empowers my clients – my people – to take back their happy and thrive. Together, we talk about the science of the mind and how it can lead to a life they once thought was imaginable, but impossible to achieve; all the while combined with where you are at spiritually. My official title is: Spiritual Subconscious Mind Coach

Why do I do this work?

From Kindergarten on, I was told I wasn’t good at education and I’d never attend college.

Those statements were made by other people, and I never truly believed them. However, I let them shape my self-worth for a long, long time because I was afraid the only thing I’d do was prove them right.

I was afraid of failing.

I know what it’s like to feel depleted and disengaged. For years, I struggled with chronic PTSD and was told I was too sensitive. I tried to cope in the usual ways, getting medicated for my issues and hoping they’d vanish. When I realized that the thoughts and actions of others had determined my life path, I started walking the other way.

Looking forward only, I changed my life completely.

Beyond Starbucks unsweetened iced tea, I thrive on empowering people to change and create the life of their wildest imaginings by using the same skill-set I used to heal myself of the horrific messages I’d received (and – sometimes – believed).

Oh, and those naysayers who said I’d never make it?

I’m living, breathing, unsilenced proof they were wrong.

I want you to have the same kind of life, one that’s full of passion and power. One where you use your voice and go after the things that light you on fire inside.

And while this can all seem scary or overwhelming, it simply doesn’t have to be.

Prepared to start today?

Awesome. I’m ready to show you the way.

I’ve spent decades as a successful clinical psychotherapist, studying both conscious and subconscious mind tools.

I have a whole host of licenses, degrees, and certifications. I received my Master's Degree is Social Work and have well over 20 years as a psychotherapist. Some of my certifications that you may be interested in include: EFT (tapping), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Alcohol and Other Drug Counseling.

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